Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular option for young people leaving full-time education (you can read about my experience as an apprentice here!), but why should you choose to hire one for your business? From being cost effective to bringing new perspectives to your team, here are six reasons…


1. They can assist you to help grow your business affordably, particularly if you are a start up.

Apprentices are a great option for start-ups because they allow you to have additional member(s) in your team, but at less than the cost of a “regular” employee. This means that you can benefit from the opinions and skills of others but still keep your expenses low. Minimum wage for an apprentice in the UK is currently only £2.73 per hour, which means less expenditure for you and your business.


2. They represent excellent value for money compared to other employment options.

Even though apprentices are significantly cheaper than other employment options, they can still provide the same high skill level when given the right training opportunities. Therefore it can be a lot more cost effective to hire an apprentice than it is to use other employment options.


3. The right apprentice will be keen to learn, relish the opportunity, and be motivated to work.

Since apprentices are often fresh out of school, they are more excited to get started in their chosen career path. This means that they will be keen, motivated and excited about every opportunity. With a passion and love for a work they are beginning, it could well result in higher quality work than you may receive otherwise. So the right apprentice could represent a huge boost in the quality of your business!


4. They can often bring new skills currently missing from your business, e.g. digital.

The training aspect of apprenticeships means that you can hire somebody in a sector you may be unfamiliar with, since they can receive training from an external source. This is even often more cost-effective! So it’s even easier to start expanding your business by training apprentices in the right sectors. For example, digital skills are often lacking from businesses nowadays, so the right apprentice could really help you.


5. A fresh, youthful approach is a complementary factor to your existing team.

Apprentices are aged between 16 and 24, so they can offer a unique insight into your business with a fresh, youthful approach. It’s easy to forget to consider alternative perspectives when making decisions about your business, so having an apprentice can provide you with that second opinion.


6. Opportunity to nurture potential into your way of working.

With an apprentice, you are teaching a young person with limited experience a new skill. Therefore, you can help to shape them to work in a way which truly benefits both them, and your business. It’s much harder to get an experienced employee to alter their way of working than it is to teach someone your way in the first place. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!


So there you have it, six solid reasons for hiring an apprentice for your business. Contact us today for more information, and see how you can get started with hiring yourself an apprentice.

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