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Junior Content Producer.

After finishing college, Connor was unsure whether he should go to university or look for work. He found apprenticeships as a way to develop his skills while gaining valuable workplace experience. Now, he works to create content for social media, marketing materials for external clients, and generate leads for his company. He enjoys the ownership he has over his work while being supported by his mentor and line manager. An apprenticeship has allowed Connor to discover what he wants to pursue in his future career and is grateful for the experience he has had.


Junior Content Producer.

Fresh out of university, Josh was unsure which path he should take for entering the world of work. Josh found that an apprenticeship was the ideal route for him to gain the necessary workplace skills that he didn’t receive training on during school or university. He now produces marketing materials for both his company and for external clients, learning on-the-job how to interact with clients, deliver projects to spec, and work as part of a team. He feels the digital skills that the Junior Content Producer course has taught him have allowed him to undertake a challenging, yet creative and rewarding, job role. 


Junior Content Producer.

Thomas was awarded Apprentice of the Year for Creative in the East Kent Apprenticeship Awards in 2022 for outstanding work within his organisation.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions to the workplace by apprentices.

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