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Time to save time concept clock, save time with marketing automation

How To Save Time With Marketing Automation

  For many of us, especially those who are starting up and running their own businesses, we have to wear a few different “hats” at work. But switching between being a marketer, a sales rep, an administrator, and so on doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality in your work. Marketing automation can help you […]

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How can I use video effectively on a budget?

The key to sharing good content in your digital marketing is creating something that your audience is going to want to engage with. Since humans are inherently visual beings, it makes sense for the best content to be made up of pictures and videos. Considering Facebook and Twitter have both now launched functionality which means […]

apprenticeship vs internship

Apprenticeship vs Internship: Which should you hire?

For an employer trying to decide between hiring an apprentice or an intern, it can be confusing. They both have their benefits and their downfalls but when it’s apprenticeship vs internship, which option comes out on top? Let us talk you through the similarities and differences between apprenticeships and internships.   How much are they […]

seven best digital marketing tools

The 7 Best Digital Marketing Tools

With the number of tools out there which promise to simplify your digital marketing activities, it’s difficult to know which ones to start with. This is why we’ve rounded up seven of our favourites which we think would be a great place for you to start! From scheduling tools, to video editing software, here are […]

Did you know these 7 brands have also changed their logo?

Google changed their logo the other day. It was a simple shift from a serif font, to sans-serif (Product Sans, if you’re interested in what font Google uses), to bring it into line with a more modern look. They also wanted to make it appear “simple, uncluttered, colourful and friendly”. This comes only a month […]

Young women having fun dancing at nightclubs

Nightclubs are dying, but is social media to blame?

Statistics have recently emerged which appear to show that the number of nightclubs in the UK have dropped from 3,144 to just 1,733 only a decade on. Where are all of the clubs going? Have they lost the appeal of yesteryear? It would appear so…   With the rise of social networking, it’s become increasingly […]

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Is Facebook A Thing Of The Past?

For most people, when they’re asked to name a social network they’ll think of Facebook first. Facebook is a household name, even for people who aren’t Internet savvy. But does that mean that really mean that it will be around forever?   It seems like every week there is a newcomer to the world of […]

10 Celebrities who started as Apprentices…

Apprenticeships have been gaining in popularity over recent years, with over 850,000 people taking them on in 2014. Here are 10 celebrities who started as apprentices…   1. Michael Caine Before he became the huge movie star he is today, Michael Caine trained as an apprentice plumber.             2. Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy […]

why you should hire an apprentice for your business

6 Reasons To Hire An Apprentice For Your Business

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular option for young people leaving full-time education (you can read about my experience as an apprentice here!), but why should you choose to hire one for your business? From being cost effective to bringing new perspectives to your team, here are six reasons…   1. They can assist you to […]

Frankie Says Relax!

Frankie Says Relax!

In 1983, pop band “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” released one of the most controversial songs of the last 50 years, “Relax”. This first release saw it chart just outside of the top 50 before dropping out of the charts.  It was released again in 1984, when a combination of luck and design helped to catapult […]