Marketing Audits

Before you plan the growth of your business, it is important to analyse where your businesses' existing strengths and weakness lie. We will audit your businesses' marketing activities and provide you with a recommended programme for growth.

Strategic Planning

It is important to have a clearly defined strategy to ensure that your marketing activities are working towards achieving your business objectives. We will work with you to identify the appropriate strategies and a realistic schedule for implementation.

Campaign Management

It is essential to establish clearly your target audience, key messages, and desired outcomes from any campaign launched. We will work with you to identify targeted communication messages that engage with your target audience.

Project Management

Your projects may be staffed by both internal and external resources. It is likely that they also do not have infinite time and money to attribute to your project. We will support you to ensure that you effectively manage time, staff, and money.

Marketing Measurement & Analysis

To determine whether your marketing activities are working effectively, it is necessary to periodically analyse your performance. We will guide you through the analysis of your online presence and ensure that you are measuring the correct elements.

Bespoke Training

If you have requirements which are specific to your business we can provide you with a tailored approach. This will ensure that our training is contextually relevant and delivers to you the results that you need.