Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit

Before you plan the growth of your business, it is important to analyse where your businesses' existing strengths and weakness lie. We will audit your businesses' marketing activities and provide you with a recommended programme for growth.

Identify your Digital Marketing Mix

It is necessary to constantly review our marketing activities, and where required adjust the blend of your digital marketing mix. We will work with you to identify the optimal combination to ensure all of your marketing efforts are complementary.

Identify your Customer Profiles

Not all of your customers are the same, therefore targeted messages should be sent to targeted customer groups. We will help you to identify the characteristics of your different groups of customers.

Analyse your Customer Behaviour

An insight into your customer's behaviours will enable you to better meet their needs. Analysing trends and activities allows you to provide them with what they want, rather than what you want them to have.

Develop a Social Media Communication Plan

Your target customers may be best communicated to through more than one social media channel. It is therefore vital to develop a communication plan which ensures that messages published are relevant for that network.

Establish your Brand Requirements

In a competitive industry, it can be difficult for your brand to stand out. By clearly identifying your brand values and consistently communicating them across offline and online communications, you will establish a well-defined brand.

Understand Different Social Media Channels

With new social media channels popping up every day, it is easy to ask "Which ones should I be using?". By assessing the benefits of different social media channels, we can help you to select the channels most appropriate for you.

Create a Social Media Strategy

It is likely that you will be communicating to your customers through more than one social media channel. Therefore, it is important to have a clearly defined strategy to ensure that your message is consistent across platforms.

Monitor and Evaluate a Social Media Campaign

To determine whether your marketing activities are working effectively, it is necessary to periodically analyse your performance. We will guide you through the analysis of your online presence and ensure that you are measuring the correct elements.