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The Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

One of the oldest forms of electronic communication is email, which if used correctly, can be an effective method of communication. These days we get bombarded with emails that we often do not open and probably delete straight away. It is therefore a challenge to get your target audience to read your emails and take the action that you desire.

In this seminar we will be looking at the ways in which you can create appealing email messages and campaigns with some of the leading free tools. Quick wins will be shared which will show you how to increase the ‘open’ rates of emails sent to your customers. You will learn also how to use email to build up your database of clients.

Next Running:
Wednesday 21st October

Mobile Marketing Magic

The greatest communication and marketing channel has evolved from the TV, to the PC, and now the mobile screen. Whether your customers are accessing the Internet via a smart phone or a tablet device, mobile marketing is the future. Mobile devices are becoming an integrated part of everyone’s lives. It is therefore essential that your marketing communications are optimised.

This interactive seminar will demonstrate the devices that will put your messages at the fingertips of your customers. Learn the ways in which you can optimise your website, and find out what apps could do for your business.

Next Running:
Wednesday 18th November

Creating Viral Videos for the Web

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then how much can a video say about your business? The virality of video is an attractive prospect for businesses who aim to increase their customer reach, but viral videos have to be done right to make them work. Whatever communication channels you use, photos are not enough today: it has to be video​. What possibilities does video hold for your own business?

In this seminar, we will teach you the techniques you need to know to create high-quality videos that have that “share-factor”.

Next Running:
Wednesday 16th December

Wise Web Project Management

Planning is key to the success of any project, but it’s difficult to know where to start. Especially when working with teams​, both internally and externally. Project failure often comes from a lack of preparedness and poor communication. ​It’s therefore important to effectively manage your time, staff, and money.

Learn a structured approach to planning and managing your projects using free software with this seminar.

Next Running:
Wednesday 20th January

The Secrets of Successful Social Media

It's impossible for any business to ignore the potential benefits of using social media as part of their marketing communications. There are a huge range of social media networks, but which ones are appropriate for you and your customers? These networks may be free to create a profile on, but how do I monitor and manage my time effectively when using them?

Learn the secrets of using the most popular social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) and find out how they may help you to increase your brand awareness, sales, and facilitate great customer engagement.

Next Running:
Wednesday 17th February

Crafting Creative Content

It doesn't matter whether you publish content on your website, or through social media, the quality of your content is key to not only being found online but also providing value to your customers.

We will teach you how to, primarily, create engaging and inspiring content. We will also show you ways in which you can curate and repurpose existing content.

Next Running:
Wednesday 16th March

Cloud Based Computing

There is an increasing amount of software available that resides "in the cloud", rather than stored locally on your computer. In many instances, the software can be freely obtained. To enable your company to run more efficiently and access information from anywhere when you need it, we have identified the leading business productivity software packages.

Learn which programmes can save you time and money in your business, from accounting to photo editing packages.

Next Running:
Wednesday 20th April

Why Should I Bother Blogging?

Blogging has become one of the most powerful tools that businesses can use to attract new customers. Either integrated with your website, or as a separate communication, it is essential today that you establish your own blog.

In this seminar you will learn how to blog with the free tools available to you and your business, and find out the secrets of writing an effective blog that gains the attention of your customers. Finally the golden questions will be answered. How often should I blog? And what should I blog about?

Next Running:
Wednesday 18th May

Smartphone Photography

Nowadays, the best smartphones have cameras​ that take photos and videos to the same standard as digital cameras. ​​So it’s easier than ever​​ to take stunning photos and videos​ without having to fork out for professional equipment or services​. With a plethora of apps and settings ​to choose from​,​ most people aren’t achieving the full potential of their smartphone.

In this seminar, we’ll give you a head start in the world of using your​ smartphone for taking professional photos and videos​. By teaching you the best techniques, and giving you an insight into the best settings and apps to use, you’ll be ​producing​ breath-taking photos and videos​ using your smartphone in no time.
Next Running:
Wednesday 15th June 2016

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