As more and more companies become convinced of the benefits of digital marketing, we are seeing a shift in the priorities of businesses. Budgets are being reallocated, staff being retrained and new skills being outsourced.


Given this change in focus by businesses, the question must be asked as to where the role of digital marketing fits within an organisation? Traditional marketing often occupies it’s own department and is resourced by it’s own team of staff. However digital marketing is often viewed as a IT responsibility. They have always owned the websites, therefore should they not own the activities which orbit the hub of your digital presence, your website? After all, a marketeer is not expected to know about technology, are they? It can be argued also that customer service and sales own the right to lead digital marketing activities. They interact with the customers and generate the sales through using these new digital channels and social networks.


In a traditional organisational structure, it is clear to see existing silos with clear lines of responsibility. However digital marketing activities to be effectively defined and implemented need to be seen as a cross organisational activity which cuts across traditional silos. For the reasons above, the responsibility is owned by all. The application can be undertaken by all and the benefits can be achieved by all staff members working to a coherent strategy.

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