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Breaking into the world of digital marketing can be a daunting prospect. With so many roles available within the industry, it can be hard to define exactly which area of digital marketing one wishes to enter. There is, however, one fantastic solution.

Through a digital marketer apprenticeship, a young person can dip their toes into the dynamic industry of digital marketing and experience for themselves this creative and highly energetic sector.

A digital marketing apprenticeship is a fantastic first port of call for a young person entering the world of work, who thinks that the digital marketing industry may be for them. No other path into the digital marketing industry will offer a potential digital marketer the opportunity to learn on their feet in a real world environment, supported by experienced and knowledgeable mentors. You’ll get to experience working with clients and putting into practice the transferable skills you’ve learnt in education or in previous jobs.

If you are a young person who thinks they may be interested in entering into the world of digital marketing, then a digital marketer apprenticeship may just be for you.


Clients we have collaborated with, hover over to read what they’ve said

"An outstanding learning experience taught by passionate industry experts."

- David

"A truly inspirational learning experience made contextually relevant. Loved it!"

- Liz

"The practical activities enabled the whole department to apply their learning instantly."

- Mark

"It's clear that our apprentice has made a significant contribution to the growth of our business. Thank you!"

- Cheryl

"I didn't realise how much there was to learn about social media. I learnt loads!"

- Alvin

"We were delighted with the support, guidance, and direction that - not only our apprentice - but our company received."

- Wendy

"The advice that we received has helped us to focus and optimise our digital marketing activities at the college."

- Kelvin

"The insight into our launch strategy played a critical part to North's success."

- Sally

"We never realised how much technology could help us to automate our processes in such an efficient way. The time saved is immeasurable."

- Andy

"We are delighted to have David's unique market insight each year at our national conference.

His vision, creativity, and enthusiasm inspire our members every year."

- Naomi



Click the thumbnails below to hear what past learners have said

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