Should you hire an apprentice? Here’s 5 ways an apprenticeship can boost your business…

An apprenticeship can be a vital asset to your business, boosting productivity, skills, motivation, and growing your business at a low cost.

Apprenticeships are tailored to your organisation’s needs…

Apprenticeships are built around working in an active role, with programmes tailored to your business’s needs. Courses can fit to all different kinds of job roles, supporting development, and allowing teaching to be applied directly to the apprentice’s work. 

Apprenticeships cost a business very little…

Training programmes for upskilling existing staff or training new starters can be expensive. With an apprenticeship, payment comes either from a levy pot (if you’re a levy-paying business) or through a minimum 95% government funding. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to bringing new skills into your business. It’s also cheaper to recruit an apprentice. 75% of employers say that an apprenticeship programme has helped cut recruitment costs.

Training is on the job…

The nature of apprenticeships means that they are built around learning in an active working environment. Apprentices work normal job roles like any other team member and learn while they work for most of their week. Only a handful of hours per week are spent ‘off the job’. This is beneficial to both the business and the apprentice – your business gains an additional member of staff who’s also being trained to perform their job role effectively and bring new skills to your workforce. 81% of apprentice employers say they make their business more productive.

Apprenticeships provide beneficial training on the job
Apprenticeships provide training on the job to your workforce

Apprenticeships can create a motivated workforce…

Apprentices tend to be motivated and loyal to companies who invest in their training and build their skills from scratch. Giving an apprentice the opportunity to build workplace skills and vital job experience with your company can create a valuable employee who can help to boost your business and increase productivity. 80% of employers feel that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover.

Skilled apprentices can help close skills gaps within your company…

Whether you need a new digital marketer, someone to help with creation of digital content, or a staff member to assist with business administration, an apprentice being trained in these vital skills can help you to bridge any skills gaps within your workforce, and at a low cost. Bring a fresh perspective and new skills to your organisation with an apprentice. 82% of employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their business.

Whether you’re trying to grow your business, provide an opportunity to a young person eager to learn, or to bridge a skills gap in your workforce, an apprentice can prove an asset to your team. Contact us today to find out more about building an apprenticeship programme for your company.



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